Foundation Crack Repair

Have a “leaky crack”? – We’ve got you covered!

Offering the industry’s leading crack repair solution: Polyurethane Crack repair

Our knowledgeable installation experts can diagnose and properly fix all your basement issues – including foundation cracks!

Crack repair technology has advanced over the last several years. The product used in this method expands up to 18 times its volume when setting, and, remains flexible. This allows the crack repair to move with your foundation during frost cycles and/or any other ground movement. Traditional crack repair products such as epoxy, harden and do not allow flexibility, polyurethane crack repairs are more durable and industry trusted.

  • Long-lasting & effective
  • Remains flexible, even when hardened
  • Potable water safe – for use around cisterns, swimming pools, etc.


Polyurethane is a trusted solution in underground subways and mines!