Interior basement waterproofing


  • Energy costs increase due to humidity.
  • Water issues can lead to structural damage.
  • Lateral Pressure can cause bowing walls and cracking walls.
  • Basement issues decrease property value by up to 20 %!

Is your basement the one place in your home that you dread going? Is it damp, musty, and even moldy? At Flood Busters, our experts will diagnose and resolve the toughest basement issues. With this knowledge, you can be sure that NO basement goes unfixed!

Get the dry basement you want – for the space you NEED! At Flood Busters, we are your leader in affordable basement solutions!

We use an interior perimeter drain system which can be tied into a sump pump or a functioning basement drain. This drain system catches any water trying to pass through the floor/wall joint, and, acts as a pressure relief for any hydrostatic pressure. Our drain system will ensure that your basement is transformed into a nice, dry, usable space!